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Dr. José H. González works for the Sierra Club as a strategy manager. Previously, he was a professor at California State University Northridge. He was born and raised in Puerto Rico. He began his professional outdoor education career in the 1990s, working for outdoor education organizations such as Hurricane Island Outward Bound School, Thompson Island Outward Bound Center, Sail Caribbean, Dartmouth College Outdoor Programs, Plymouth State University, SDSU Mission Bay Aquatic Center, and NOLS. He is a coauthor of two books (one of them in Spanish) for the canopy tour and zipline industry. He is an active instructor trainer for the American Canoe Association with several certifications in sea kayaking and paddle surfing. He also conducts safety and risk management training and audits in different parts of the world, including the United States, Central America, South America, and Asia.

Niels started in the industry in 1998 as a camp counselor. Since then, he has unlocked various achievements (Facilitator, Lead Facilitator, Trainer, Inspector, Master of Science in Sport and Recreation Management) to become Course Services Manager for Experiential Resources.


Alicia works for ABEE, an ACCT accredited Professional Vendor Member. She has been in the industry for more than 15 years. Early in her career she worked on a variety of courses and tours as a facilitator, lead guide, and course manager. Alicia now designs and inspects courses and trains the operators. She is an ACCT Level II/Supervisor certified Course Inspector and has a Masters in Sports and Recreation Administration. 

Jonathan is the West Coast Regional Director for Experiential Systems Inc. He holds a degree in Industrial Design and has over 13 years of experience in the challenge course industry including design, construction, inspection, and training. Jonathan specializes in commercial operations such as zip line tours, aerial adventure parks, and climbing walls. He currently is a member of the Inspector Certification Panel for the Association for Challenge Course Technology.


Paul joined Challenge Works Inc. in 2009 and serves as Director of Inspection Services and Project Manager for Installations. Currently residing in California, USA. Paul was born in Australia, travelling to the USA in 1990 to work at a summer camp in California where he was first exposed to the industry . He is a Level II/Supervisor certified challenge course inspector and holds a degree in International Business. He is also currently serving on the Association for Challenge Course Technology's Inspector Certification Panel.

Heather Brooks is the ACCT Program Manager. After working in the industry for several years as a zip line/canopy tour guide, manager, trainer, and inspector, Heather manages the day-to-day operations of all Accreditation and Certification programs ACCT offers. She works closely with the program committees, panels, and task forces to help implement program updates and improvements.

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